Hey guys Its me Antonella from the hydroponic kids! we are in the sixth grade now and do not post on here anymore but we wanted to let you know that you should follow our other website called www.nellabella07.simplesite.com we hope you enjoyed our hydroponic kit and we hope you will enjoy Nella♥Bella too !!!

last days of school

Unfortunatly we are down to 3 days left of school, I think that we will have to stop the hydroponic business for good, thank you for your support and always try to innovate the world. 


                                                                                                                                      The hydroponics kids

Hydroponics Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This hydroponic kit is not really for sale!! This is a prototype ! The Hydroponic Kids wanted me to tell you that

The Hydroponic Kids Hydroponic Kit

They hope you enjoy their hydroponic kit

Welcome! Brody Devara

Newest member Brody Devera

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Antonella Boffa, Isabella Regan, Angela Larrea

Angela Antonella and Isabella

Your very first Hydroponic kit


Hello we are the Hydroponic Kids! We are 5th graders in  New Jersey. We have joined a program called the Inovation Project where you focus on sastainable development goals. Our goal is zero hunger, we thought an inovated way to teach countries with poor soil how to grow food with hydroponics. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water instead of soil. We tried this is Science class and we hope that one day we hope these hydroponic kits will really help and change the world. 

Your girls,(and Brody)

The Hydroponic Kids